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"The Friday coaches were amazing and supportive of my son. Your program is really special.  My son gained confidence and ball skills - and actually learned how to play futsal/soccer. He was engaged in the game - and it was really noticeable the difference in his play and his attitude. He was comfortable "getting in there" and striking the ball both defense and offense. Our team is pretty much the same as the one last fall so everyone noticed the change. I gave all the credit to futsal!!! Thank you again." - AM

"Watching my daughter on the soccer field this spring is like watching a change from night to day. Her ball handling is much improved, she sees the space of the field, she's passing. She's overall much improved. I accredit much of this improvement to the two of you. Wanted to make sure I passed along the compliment as both her father and I are extremely happy with the improvement we're seeing." - JP

"This is truly remarkable! You both have obviously been keenly watching and instructing. I don't even know that much about soccer, but know enough to recognize that your evaluation of my daughter is spot on. Thanks for guiding her through the winter. She has absolutely LOVED it!" - EF

"All of my children love the soccer programs that Leigh and Alan teach!" - AB

"My son loves this class and he shows us his passes all the time. He loves the coach too. Thanks!" - TM

"It is a great program! I am excited they want to continue!" - KN